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Create and manage virtual restaurant brands within your existing commercial kitchen.

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The marketplace for creating and managing virtual brands

Create Brands

Choose an existing brand from the marketplace or create your own.

Manage Orders

Manage orders from all delivery channels through a single tablet.

Get Paid

Collect a consolidated weekly revenue share payout from all your channels.

Simple & effortless brand management

Sync virtual menus across all 3rd party delivery platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual brand is an online-only brand that is operated out of an existing commercial kitchen.

Yes, you can upload a master copy of your existing brand and allow others to add it to their kitchens. Sync all photos, prices, modifiers and descriptions across all licensed locations and delivery channels.

Menus for brands that you fully own and operate can be changed at any time. Changes are subject to a quick review process and will be published and synced to the major 3rd party delivery services.

By default, all tickets are printed automatically after being accepted. Orders can be re-printed at any time by tapping Send to Printer from the action menu.

If you want to deactivate your virtual brand, you can do so temporarily by disabling the menu availability. To permanently deactivate a virtual brand, contact Backhouse Brands Support.

You can manage your hours by navigating to your virtual brand from your dashboard and choosing the Edit option to update hours.

Yes. You can disable menu items and re-publish your virtual brand in order for the changes to be reflected.

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